Friday, April 28, 2006

Apple - MacBook Pro - What's Inside

Well the real distraction of mine is due to the arrival of my macbook pro, I can't explain it, I sourced through the developer network (of which i'm a renewed member)quite a few months ago (twas suppossed to be for the better half) shit happens, I'm posting this on keys that need a wipe after each touch, this thing even smells good, gonna try to finish the site tomorrow on it, Pc getting a break, this thing is FAST. don't hold your breath for my personal review, by the time i'm ready it will be obsolete.

Okay, a couple points, the 1 gig ram operates at a higher clock rate speed than my desktop G4 cpu. Also, the bloody screen is bigger and brighter than my new desktop lcd. How can I take on that pc desktop anymore. I'm in love. i'm tempted to krylon it black to match the impossible to sell friggin iPod, I just might.

Apple - MacBook Pro - What's Inside

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